Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Thanks to Hammy McClymont (facebook) for pointing out that indeed another functioning theatre in Canada has been destroyed in the past, the Capitol Theatre in Halifax. Read on to learn how things should not be done.

The Save the Massey Theatre blog has a statement which is an error."No functioning theatre has been intentionally demolished in Canadian History!" The Capitol Theatre in Halifax, a lovely "atmospheric" (medieval theme, complete with castle bits and suits of armour), built in 1930, was demolished in 1...974 to make way for the Maritime Tel and Tel building. At 1,984 seats, the Capitol was Halifax's opera house. Many famous people played there (the Italian baritone Tito Gobbi, for example), and many not so famous (myself included). It was the regular home of the Canadian Opera Company, the National Ballet and Canadian Players on tour, as well as Stratford. Gone for more than a generation now, the Capitol has never been replaced. Theatre goers have to make do with either the 1,100 seat Rebecca Cohn (a university concert hall) or the concert configuration at Metro Centre, the city's hockey rink.I believe the chair of MT&T is burning in hell for his decision not to try to incorporate the Capitol into his new concrete headquarters.

Actress Colleen Winton noted that the source for our quote was the Alliance for Arts and Culture (in BC), and added "Halifax has done a pretty good job of sweeping its dirty little secret under the carpet. Or maybe in the last 35 years, people have learned the lesson. Let's hope."
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