Friday, February 26, 2010

Parents Plan Rally to Save Massey, March 4, City Hall

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Niki Hope
The Record

New Westminster parents are planning a rally for March 4, in response to "ongoing delays and lack of communication" on the construction plans for a replacement high school, and they are holding it at city hall.

The district parent advisory council, which has representatives from each school in the district, is organizing next month's event.

The district parent advisory council wants the city to offer up Mercer Stadium to house the new high school, district council member Don Ellam said. The parents want the stadium moved to Moody Park and Massey Theatre to remain where it is, he said.

Ellam chairs a subcommittee that includes parents, Mercer and Massey supporters.

They have met over the last few months to find common ground on the high school construction plans.

The Mercer plan would still mean the city could have three tracks on the high school site, Ellam said.

"The city would end up with basically the same amount of land," he said.

The city seems to be the "unwilling" partner at the moment, he said.

"For reasons known to them," he added.

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