Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Westminster News Leader - Should Mercer Stadium move to Moody Park?

New Westminster News Leader - Should Mercer Stadium move to Moody Park?


One unpopular option being considered is to knock down the school district-owned Massey Theatre and build the new school there. Another is to somehow build the new school around the historic theatre but doing so would still run the risk of uncovering more bodies, says Margot Barton of the District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC).

“If a shovel comes up with three skulls and a jawbone, that’s going to be a big problem,” said Barton.
She believes the best solution, although far from ideal, is to demolish Mercer Stadium and the adjacent skateboard park and build a new school there.

The new stadium could be built at nearby Moody Park. Because it builds on Mercer, saves Massey, and looks to Moody Park for a solution, the parents have tagged the idea the “3M” proposal.
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Monday, March 1, 2010

March 4 protest rally postponed

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Niki Hope
The Record

Olympic fever and a recent meeting with the education minister have halted parents' plan to hold a rally at city hall to protest high school construction delays.

The district parent advisory council was planning a rally for March 4 to put pressure on city councillors and school trustees to find a solution for where to build the replacement New Westminster Secondary School. The rally was postponed after members of the district parent advisory council met with Education Minister Margaret MacDiarmid on Wednesday.

The minister did not ask the group to put off the rally, but after meeting with her, they were "encouraged" about the prospects for the long-overdue high school, said district parent advisory chair Margot Barton.

"We want to see where the chips fall," she said. "We want to give her some running room, and we want to see where things go."